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Is There a Security Camera That Works Without WiFi?

Most security cameras today are connected to the Internet. Still, a few outdoor security cameras do not require an Internet connection as they do not have WiFi.

Types of security camera that works without WiFi

The market is saturated with WiFi cameras, so taking a miniature refresher course on other security cameras, including those that cameras work without WiFi:

Types of security camera that works without wifi


CCTV security cameras are closed circuit television cameras are one of the best security camera types that work without WiFi as it is rarely used for home security. In this context, they will be very inefficient. Instead, it is favoured by corporations and police but is still somewhat outdated. The footage is usually stored on a digital video recorder (DVR) and viewed on multiple monitors.

2. Analogue

Analogue means any camera that transmits video to a DVR. It may also be called ‘HD-over-coax‘, a term used to refer to cameras that can transmit fully uncompressed video (i.e. HD pictures with large file sizes) over coaxial cable.

This is rarely the case, as HD cameras rarely connect with coaxial cables. They can also be quite expensive. Like CCTV, analogue cameras use wires to transmit data. Analogue cameras do not require any internet connection for functionality as no features are associated with IP cameras, such as push notifications.

3. IP

IP in this camera name means ‘Internet Protocol‘. A digital video camera that sends and receives data over an IP network. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, no local storage is required. IP camera mainly refers to a webcam.

Most IP cameras today only work over WiFi, but some have multiple ways to connect to the Internet, including mobile data. There is also the possibility of working through an Ethernet cable. Think of it as a wired Internet connection.

You don’t necessarily need a WiFi hub for an Ethernet connection to work, although it’s rare nowadays as you can connect directly to your broadband line. An Ethernet cable makes your internet connection much faster and more reliable.


As the cheapest option of the bunch, you can always choose to turn your old phone into a security camera without WiFi. But as long as you have a mobile data package, mobile apps can use 4G or 5G to save footage to the cloud, send push notifications, and more.

Advantages of WiFi-free outdoor security cameras

If WiFi cameras are so great, when and why would you go without one? Here are the benefits of using WiFi free camera:

Advantages of Wifi free outdoor security cameras

1. Prevent cyber attacks: One of the main advantages of cameras that don’t work over the Internet is that they’re much less likely to be hacked than wifi-enabled cameras.

2. No Internet: Unfortunately, the Internet is not equally accessible to everyone and is still a luxury. However, security should never be compromised, as everyone deserves to feel safe wherever they are. Therefore, traditional security cameras may be of interest to you.

3. In case of power shortage: The fact that wireless cameras often don’t depend on your home’s electricity means these security cameras work even during a power outage.

4. High-quality video: Some conventional analogue cameras can transmit fully uncompressed video to a DVR, assuming they have the storage capacity. IP cameras and mobile devices compress video to reduce file size and increase transmission speed, producing much higher-quality video.

5. Remote function available: The key benefits of intelligent property security, remote control, notifications and live streaming are not lost if you have a data plan.

6. No bandwidth reduction: Unlike cameras connected to WiFi, LTE cameras don’t slow down everything on the Internet by consuming valuable data.

How Do Outdoor Security Cameras Without WiFi Work?

The wireless security camera can operate without an internet connection when connected to an NVR or onboard SD card storage.

However, both alternatives are limited to closed-circuit viewing, so you cannot access the material remotely. A working internet connection is required for remote monitoring.

Network video recorder

An NVR or network video recorder is an excellent tool for organizing recordings from various wireless cameras. This system can connect multiple wireless cameras using a LAN cable.

The live video can be viewed by connecting it to a monitor or TV. If you don’t have access to the Internet, an NVR might be the best choice for viewing the video.

Build a private network with your cameras and control all security cameras to send data correctly. However, using the NVR without a network connection, you cannot view the camera’s feed remotely. By providing a router link to your NVR, you can connect to the device via the Internet.

Internal sd card

There is also integrated SD card storage. Most wireless security cameras have an SD card that temporarily records video when the network connection is unreliable. However, if the camera is actively recording, this storage is only suitable for short-term storage and fills up quickly.

Usually, the SD card turns on when the security camera has connection issues. In this way, the wireless camera can work without an internet connection, without losing video. Again, this cannot be considered a permanent fix and replacing the SD card is not an option either.

Here are the top best security camera that works without WiFi

Knowing where to start when you are in the security camera market can be difficult with so many choices. Check out the best security cameras for security cameras that work without WiFi, including wireless and wired security cameras.

Reolink Go

Reolink Go is a popular wireless IP camera. It’s a wireless camera, but it doesn’t require WiFi. Reolink Go uses 4G and 3G mobile LTE networks, so you only need a mobile data plan.

Since it’s wireless and rechargeable, it’s an excellent option for people who need a camera that involves a lot of travel, especially in places with limited Internet or no WiFi.

It can also connect to Reolink solar panels, making it the best outdoor security camera for unusual places like construction sites and boats without WiFi.

ANNKE 5MP Lite Wired Security Camera System

ANNKE’s wired security camera system is an excellent option for those looking for a more traditional security approach that doesn’t sacrifice too many modern features that make IP cameras great.

With eight cameras, you can set up a comprehensive security system in your home, office or other space.

The camera can record up to 1080p and interface with an 8-channel DVR with a 1TB hard drive. Each camera includes a 60-foot cable, so distance isn’t an issue.

SANSCO 8CH 1080p Security Camera System

SANSCO also offers an eight-camera system with an 8-channel DVR that can record up to 1TB of video. The 2MP camera supports 1080p video, is weatherproof, and has night vision with a range of up to 65 feet.

Even without WiFi, you can connect your DVR to SANSCO’s app to view your security system from your mobile device or computer.

The cable is 20 meters, so about 5 feet longer. Perhaps because the camera is of poor quality, the price is also significantly lower.

Arlo Go wireless camera

The Arlo Go is a cube-shaped IP camera that only works with a 4G mobile plan and requires a SIM card. Expect a rechargeable battery, among other great features like HD visuals, a 130-degree viewing angle, and cross-functionality with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The price tag seems to stem from the boasting two-way talk via a built-in mic and speaker, advanced wide-angle motion detection, a built-in SD card, and up to 7 days of cloud storage.

Conclusion: Is There a Security Camera That Works Without WiFi in 2024?

Our top picks, including the Reolink Go, ANNKE 5MP Lite, SANSCO 8CH 1080p, and Arlo Go wireless, are the best security cameras that work without WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are security cameras without WiFi more challenging to install?

Security cameras that don’t require Internet over WiFi aren’t necessarily more difficult to set up than WiFi cameras, though many home security companies might make you think otherwise.

Some cameras that do not require Internet are wireless, such as the Reolink Go and Arlo Go, making installation very easy.

Can wireless cameras work without the Internet?

Most wireless cameras on the market require an internet connection, but this is not always true. For example, many Reolink cameras, including the Reolink Go, don’t necessarily require the Internet to work. An IP camera with an SD card can store video and connect it to a computer for viewing.

Do Wired Security Cameras Need WiFi?

A WiFi connection is not required if the wired security camera is connected to a DVR or other storage device. Many cameras also support mobile LTE data, making them an alternative to WiFi if you have a mobile data plan.

How can I use IP cameras without the Internet?

Make sure the camera’s IP address is set to the same address as your computer’s. Then connect the camera to your computer via the cable provided to access the stored footage. Or, if it supports an SD card, you can insert the SD card into your computer and view the saved video directly.

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