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Best Long Range Night Vision Security Camera System

Long-range security cameras with night vision features allow you to view and record surveillance video footage in crisp, precise detail, even hundreds of feet away from the mounting point. It’s the perfect solution for capturing particulars like faces and license plates in vast areas.

We offer long-range surveillance cameras with extended range, excellent night vision, H.D. Recording, and optical zoom lenses for day and night surveillance.

Best Long Range Night Vision Security Camera System 2024

1. Lorex 4K Nocturnal Smart IP Camera

Lorex makes a lot of great outdoor night vision security cameras with long-range; among them, the Lorex 4K Nocturnal Smart I.P. Camera is one of the best. As the name suggests, nocturnal cameras work well at night.

It has a night vision range of up to 90 feet in complete darkness and can see up to 130 feet with the help of ambient lighting. That’s impressive and especially good for outdoor cameras.

This camera also has one of the highest resolutions on our list. It captures 4K H.D. video at 30 frames per second. For an outdoor camera, details are everything, so we liked that you could zoom in on the image to get a sharp picture.

We knew that in the case of a break-in, we could use the video from the camera as evidence to gather information about the perpetrator.

As an I.P. camera, the Lorex 4K Night Camera needs an NVR to work, but that’s not entirely a bad thing. The NVR is the camera’s local storage, allowing you to record rolling videos without monthly cloud storage charges.

Even better, Lorex NVRs with intelligent sensing technology will enable the camera to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects.

  • IP67 weatherproof
  • 4K H.D. resolution with HDR support
  • No monthly fee
  • Up to 150 feet night vision range
  • Intelligent AI-powered features
  • Limited smart platform integration
  • No cloud storage

2. PTZ Camera BIT-RC2075W Laser Night Vision

The BIT-RC2075W, a 1000-foot long-range night vision laser network PTZ camera, is designed for 24/7 monitoring in all weather conditions. With an ultra-homogeneous near-infrared laser and a low-illumination megapixel telephoto lens, the maximum object detection distance is up to 1000ft during the day and night.

Built-in industrial-grade embedded control electronic system, H.D. network camera operations such as zoom, focus, video switch, and pan tilt rotation are stable and accurate. The one-piece aluminium alloy housing is weather-resistant to IP66, making it the best long-range night vision security camera in 2024, ensuring excellent outdoor performance.

Applicable to large-scale systems such as smart cities, high point surveillance, mobile and traffic, railway and highway, prisons, ports, sea, factories, oilfields, electricity, public security and firefighting, forest fire prevention, scenic spots, etc.

  • 1080P HD network camera
  • With NIR Military Laser Illuminator
  • 360-degree continuous pan rotation
  • IP66 ingress protection
  • A bit expensive

3. Riolink RLC-511WA

The Reolink is a reliable long-range outdoor camera with dual-band wifi support and a powerful 4x optical zoom.

Optical zoom is challenging to use on most security cameras. Even the most advanced cameras usually rely on digital zoom.

This allows you to take full advantage of the stunningly sharp 5MP resolution and view it from a stunning distance. Even night vision at ranges of up to 100 feet in the dark cannot be ignored.

  • 5MP sharpness with 5x optical zoom
  • Dual-band wifi to alleviate signal issues
  • Up to 100 feet of night vision
  • Five spotlights on the device
  • Very narrow field view

4. Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is the best long-range with active protection. Whenever someone approached our front door or lurked within our defined surveillance zone for too long, the camera issued a warning light and tone to let us know they had been spotted. The red warning lights were especially menacing at night, shining like a watchful eye in the shadows.

Outdoor Camera Pro was also pretty smart. It won’t bother you with warnings about passing pets or vehicles. It only alerts you when it sees a person, which is helpful considering it’s professionally monitored.

As part of the Vivint security system, the Outdoor Camera Pro is well-integrated with the alarm system. There is a setup that allows the camera to be used as a siren for the Vivint system.

  • Professionally monitored
  • It has A. I system
  • Warning lights and beeps
  • Monthly fee for cloud storage

5. Arlo Ultra 2

The Arlo Ultra 2 offers a 180-degree field of view, a 300-foot night vision range, and is weather-resistant. It supports two-way audio, 4K video resolution, and infrared LED night vision.

You can get clear images even in dark places by setting the night vision to operate automatically even in dark areas. The camera has a 3-axis mounting bracket and power supply.

  • Has a 180-degree field of view
  • Up to 300 feet of night vision range
  • Comes with two-way audio
  • A bit expensive

6. Usogood trail camera WiFi 24MP 1296P

Trail cameras may seem like a wild card choice, but they moonlight as some of the best outdoor cameras on the market because they’re made specifically for monitoring animals in the great outdoors.

Even this affordable, entry-level trail camera from Usogood, one of our favourites on our list of the best wildlife cameras, has a motion detection range far superior to most security cameras.

Even at night, it can be triggered by something 65 feet away, but most security cameras won’t detect more than 30 feet.

  • 65 feet detection range
  • Wifi ready with the corresponding app
  • Battery powered (8 x AA)
  • Limited range

7. Hikvision 4K colorVu camera

Hikvision includes 4K ColorVu cameras in its product range, enabling ultra-high definition colour imaging day and night. With better image quality and richer detail, 4K ColorVu cameras can be applied in many scenarios, including stadiums, airports, ports, and parking lots where sharp, high-resolution images are required—very full-colour night vision cameras.

Monitor entry and exit from your home or business daily to keep your family and property safe! Night vision cameras provide the necessary protection and deter theft, theft, and vandalism. They are the best way to protect your home and get clear surveillance footage day or night and in any weather conditions.

  • 4K ColorVu camera
  • Monitors entry and exit
  • Provides the necessary protection
  • Not available at everywhere


The powerful range of night vision security cameras comes down to powerful optics and a strong internet connection. The camera lens, optical and digital zoom, dual-band wifi, and whether the camera connects directly to the router or a hub contribute to a camera’s effective ‘range.’


What are the main features of long-range night vision security cameras?

A long-range night vision camera should also have a varifocal zoom lens. This allows you to zoom in and out of the image without affecting the video quality. Optical zoom is preferred over digital zoom as it is more advanced and does not compromise video quality.

The lens of a long-range night vision camera should have a zoom range of 2.8 mm and a field of view of 36 to 100 degrees. Night vision security cameras can detect motion at night and send alerts. This feature helps avoid flight tips, collects evidence of antisocial behaviour, and monitors suspicious activity.

It can also record wildlife footage, faces, and license plates, so you can see what’s going on around your building.

How far can night vision security cameras see?

The farthest distance a night vision camera can observe is about 20 meters (65 feet) to 350 meters (1148 feet). The range of a camera’s reach depends, among other things, on the lens aperture, image sensor technology, and size and number of infrared LED bulbs.

What is the longest distance for a security camera?

It’s rare for a security camera to have a range of more than 300 feet, but some surveillance devices can go up to 100 feet or more.

What is the best range of outdoor security cameras?

The best outdoor security camera has a range of no more than 200 feet, but some surveillance devices can go up more.

How far away is the security camera from WIFI?

The distance from the wifi router to the security camera depends on the model and whether it can connect to 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi. Many security cameras must be paired to a hub and connected to a router, significantly increasing distance.

Is it better to use a wired or wireless security camera?

Wired security cameras have faster and more reliable connections, making video quality relatively consistent. However, wireless cameras are becoming more common as they are much more convenient. Check out our discussion of the differences, including the pros and cons of each.

What is a Long Range Night Vision H.D. Security Camera?

As the name suggests, the Long Range Night Vision H.D. Security Camera is designed to provide clear footage at night, even from a distance. They typically have a range of about 300 feet and use infrared (I.R.) technology to produce sharp images in low-light conditions.

How do Long Range Night Vision Cameras work?

Most long-range night vision H.D. security cameras use I.R. LEDs to illuminate the area before the camera. These LEDs emit invisible infrared light that bounces off objects and back into the camera.

A sensor can capture and convert this reflected light into a usable image. Some cameras also have a feature called digital zoom. This allows you to zoom in on an object or person without losing the sharpness of the picture.

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