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Logitech Circle View Doorbell Troubleshooting 2023

If you have a problem with your Logitech Circle View Doorbell and don’t know how to fix it. You have tried troubleshooting but nothing seems to work. The doorbell is still having issues with battery life, motion detection, or connecting to the home Wi-Fi network.

This troubleshooting guide will help you to fix all problems with your Logitech Circle View Doorbell and get it working like new again.

How to Fix Logitech Circle View Doorbell Not Working?

1. Check power

If your doorbell isn’t working, the first thing you can try is to start powering it up. Make sure your doorbell chimes are getting the power they need to operate.

You can also test the voltage using an instrument such as an ammeter. Similarly, it is also a good idea to check the circuit breaker to make sure there is nothing wrong with the breaker.

2. Power Cycle

Another quick way to troubleshoot doorbell chimes is to cycle the power. To do this, unplug all power supplies, including transformers, and leave them off for a few minutes. After some time, you can turn the device back on and see if it starts working.

3. Wire inspection

Most of the users who have faced this problem before have mentioned how a power line problem caused this particular problem. That’s why it’s a good idea to start by inspecting the wires to make sure nothing is wrong.

It’s also worth mentioning how certain users claimed to have fixed the problem by simply replacing the 2-wire with a 3-wire.

4. Check the router connection

The problem is not limited to the device, the router can also have problems. If you can’t narrow down the problem so far, be sure to check your router connections. You should examine your signal strength and internet speed to get more perspective.

If your internet speed is optimal and you only deal with minor connection bugs, a quick reboot to refresh your router connection will get the job done.

All you have to do is turn it off for about 2 minutes and then turn it back on. You can also move your router closer to your device here to improve signal strength.

A distance of less than 20 feet or up to 25 feet is sufficient for most devices. However, if you have too many thick walls, you will need to find a better spot to place your router.

Once this is done you can change the credentials for the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz channels. Make sure there are no special characters in your username or password.

Similarly, the credentials for these channels must be different. This mostly happens when dealing with Wi-Fi errors.

However, you can always test for differences to further narrow down your situation. If your Wi-Fi works on your new device, you’ll know for sure that the router is to blame. You can proceed with a quick reset here.

On the other hand, if your device doesn’t work on the new Wi-Fi, you can always reset the doorbell and not bother with the router. We hope you won’t have to deal with any more issues.

5. Hard reset

You can also force reset the device with a power cycle. However, if you decide to do this, we recommend resetting both the doorbell chime box and the doorbell. Doorbells often don’t work for no apparent reason.

In that case, we recommend starting with a reset. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that resetting will erase any saved settings or configurations. This means you have to go through the whole setup process all over again.

6. Check for Hardware Problems

At this point, the doorbell problem has more to do with the hardware than the configuration. If your device has burrs or appears to be damaged, consider purchasing a replacement. Call your dealer and they will help you purchase a new one.

The warranty for most smart devices is about 12 months. So, depending on which model you buy, buying a new one won’t be too difficult. This is especially true if your device is damaged during shipping. Therefore, if you are unsure of your device, be sure to call your dealer.

Please allow several days to receive the product after claim confirmation. Here you can go through the initial configuration and set up your device for better responsiveness. At this point, we hope that all errors causing your device not to work will be fixed.

How to fix the Logitech Circle View doorbell overheating?

Protect your Logitech Circle View doorbell from direct sunlight by using a temporary cover. Do a 1-hour test to see if that is the problem. Do not cover the unit with a blanket. Such enclosures impede ventilation and increase heat.

In confined spaces, open windows to ventilate. Remove the thermal conductor near the Logitech Circle View doorbell. Reduce heat by cleaning the doorbell and removing anything covering it. Reattach to another surface (preferably a wood or non-metal surface) if necessary.

To determine if the overheating is caused by environmental temperature, temporarily reposition the device and check the surrounding environment for hot spots (preferably a wood/non-metal surface).

Low ambient temperature

If your Logitech Circle View Doorbell is overheating, one potential cause could be the ambient temperature. Try lowering the temperature around the doorbell to see if that helps solve the problem.

Create ventilation by opening windows to allow heat to escape. Remove heat conductors covering furniture, blankets, etc. from the area near the Logitech Circle View doorbell.

Remove any dirt or debris from the doorbell itself to lower its temperature output, and make sure it is in good working order before reattaching the doorbell to another surface (preferably wood or non-metal).

Turn off the status light

Check the Logitech Circle View Doorbell’s LED lights to see why it’s offline. If the white LED light is on, turn off the camera’s ambient light in the Home app. Perform an additional 60-minute test to determine if overheating persists with ambient lighting off (if necessary) during the night when temperatures are lower and visibility is increased for safety.

If overheating persists even when ambient lighting is not active, recording will be adjusted to reduce heat generation and potentially save battery life while recording video if needed (e.g. turn off motion detection).

Turn off night vision

If your Logitech Circle View Doorbell is overheating, one of the possible solutions is to turn off the night vision goggles. Night vision can cause the doorbell to overheat, so turning off the doorbell may help solve the problem.

To turn night vision off, go to the doorbell’s settings menu and select the “Night Vision” setting. Then just turn the setting off.

Transformer upgrade

The Logitech Circle View Doorbell may overheat when connected to a transformer. Upgrading the transformer to a higher voltage (16V 10AV to 16V 30AV) can help reduce overheating by reducing heat generated by the doorbell.

How to Fix Logitech Circle View Doorbell Not Connecting to Homekit?

In the Home app, tap the Logitech Circle View doorbell, then select Remove Accessory to remove it from HomeKit.

Connect the camera to the USB port and press and hold the reset button for 6-9 seconds until the magenta and yellow LED lights flash (this should reset the device to the factory).

Add the Logitech Circle View Doorbell back to HomeKit by opening the Home app, tapping “Add Accessory,” selecting “HomeKit Secure Video” from the list of available accessories, and entering your Apple ID password when prompted. After re-adding to HomeKit, follow all steps (including Wi-Fi connection if necessary) to set up the camera again.

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How to Troubleshoot Logitech Circle View Doorbell Chimes Not Working?

Reset the doorbell by pressing and holding the right button until the light flashes purple and green. Reconnect the device to the Home app and perform a thermal test to see if the overheating problem persists.

If you are still experiencing the Logitech Circle View doorbell chimes not working issue, log in to the Home app and check for updates by clicking Settings > Devices > Doorbells & Chimes > Check for Updates.

How do I reset the Logitech Circle View doorbell?

You must first remove the doorbell from the mounting plate by following the instructions in the user manual.

  • It can be easily removed by inserting a pin into the hole on the bottom of the CircleView doorbell.
  • Cut the power wire connected to the doorbell.
  • Check that the doorbell wires are properly connected.
  • You can ring the doorbell by long pressing the button. In the meantime, please click the doorbell bracket again. If you hold down the button for 9 seconds,
  • The pink light above the doorbell button will flash 3 times and an alert will sound. You can now silence the Logitech Circle View doorbell.

Reset your Logitech Circle View Doorbell (USB Power):

If you are having trouble resetting your Logitech Circle View doorbell due to wiring restrictions in your home, you can always use a standard 5V/2A USB cable instead. The procedure is also very similar.

  • Insert the pin into the hole in the bottom of the doorbell and pull it out of the bracket.
  • Disconnect the rear wire from the old doorbell.
  • After pressing the doorbell button, connect the USB cable to the doorbell power port.
  • Press and hold your finger on the doorbell button for 9 seconds.
  • There should be a pink flashing light and a beeping sound from the doorbell.
  • That’s it.


Have trouble with your Logitech Circle View doorbell? Problems can happen for a variety of reasons, but you should start the troubleshooting process mentioned above.

However, if none of the solutions mentioned above help, you can contact our support team for assistance instead. This will save you a lot of hassle and you won’t have to complete the troubleshooting routine by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Logitech Circle View doorbell getting hot?

The Logitech CircleView doorbell gets hot mainly from direct sunlight exposure in summer. Other factors that can contribute to elevated temperatures include ambient temperature, outdated doorbell firmware, status lights and night vision goggles, and bad transformers.

Overheating can cause the device to restart or stop working entirely to bring the temperature down to a safe range. It can be dangerous if left unchecked as it can cause permanent damage or failure of the device.

Why is my Logitech Circle View camera not responding?

There could be several reasons why your Logitech Circle View camera is not responding. It could be a low battery, a weak WiFi connection, or a problem with the camera itself. Try to resolve the issue by checking each of these possible causes.

If your Logitech Circle View camera isn’t responding, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. These include:

Make sure the power adapter is securely connected to a working power outlet and the charging dock’s cables are securely connected to both components. If your camera still does not charge after trying these steps, contact Logitech Customer Support for assistance with parts replacement or repair services if needed.

If the device is still not working or responding after trying these steps:

  • Turn it off and on again using the power switch on the base
  • Try moving closer with fewer obstructions (such as thick walls) between the devices.
  • Also, lowering the video resolution can help resolve functionality issues.

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