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Best Weatherproof Outdoor Camera Light Bulb Security Surveillance Recorder

This clever device looks like an ordinary light bulb but is equipped with a camera that captures high-quality video footage. Some of the best outdoor light bulb security cameras offer additional features such as weatherproof, motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio communication.

They also provide several key benefits, such as they connect to the light fitting, so no extra wiring is required.

In this article, we look at some of the best light bulb security cameras available on the market, their great features, and how each model differs.

So, whether you want to watch your home while you’re away or monitor your studio during off-hours, we’ll help you find the perfect bulb security surveillance recorder.

Best weatherproof outdoor camera light bulb security surveillance recorder 2024

1. Sengled Floodlight camera

It is weatherproof, making it an ideal light bulb camera for outdoor purposes. So, it is one of the best outdoor cameras with decent video-quality bulbs. With Snap, you can smartly turn any attachment or socket into a wireless security camera, making securing your business and home a breeze.

WiFi connectivity with a high-definition vision for easy updates on every moment in real-time via push notifications on your mobile phone or personal computer. Independent of time.

The second-generation Sengled Floodlight camera provides a rugged outdoor security lighting solution. The weatherproof light bulb Sengled camera is the most well-known brand on this list, and this model is a retrofit of the original PAR38 cam bulb.

This model includes an optional swivel mount that screws into the E26 light socket, giving you more control over where you can point it. The unit includes an infrared light for night vision and a 14W directional LED floodlight that can trigger motion with the included motion sensor.

The camera only records at 1080p on the Sengled Cloud, which is the biggest downside. Free 24-hour access to recorded video but no motion detection notifications. That said, if you don’t subscribe, the features are pretty limited.

A subscription allows you to store up to 30 days of recordings and access them remotely via the Sengled Snap app. The stem at the top of the lamp is a retractable WiFi antenna. This allows for improved coverage, but you can keep the folded flush in a recessed socket if you want to use it.

The floodlight also includes a two-way conversation, allowing you to talk to anyone in your camera feed in real time. Once set up, the light works as an automatic motion-sensing security light.

Based on the built-in light sensor, it turns off during the day and turns on for 60 seconds when motion is detected at night. You can also manually control the lights via the app or Alexa.

You should also make sure you have customized the app settings of this wireless security camera with the ‘human alert’ option. That way, you won’t be notified by the wind passing by or animals (if you have pets) entering the field. 140-degree field of view.

  • Alexa support
  • Weather-resistant, IP65 rated.
  • Adjustable swivel lamp holder included
  • Limited features without a subscription

2. Toucan Outdoor Camera

The Toucan Outdoor Camera utilizes an existing light socket differently. Instead of pretending to be a light bulb, the Toucan uses a smart socket, a smart lighting device that fits between the socket and the light bulb, to provide USB power to a separate camera fixture.

The camera mounts next to the light fitting and connects to the smart socket using a USB cable. Then, with a socket, you can control your existing light bulbs like a smart light bulb because you only have to leave the light switch on.

This gives you the advantage of choosing your bulbs, up to 40W LED, depending on the situation. Toucans do not provide infrared night vision for their cameras, as they claim light will provide. Low-light performance is limited unless you have a bright bulb in your socket.

A selection of inexpensive camera components, but packed with other cool features. Built-in 100db siren that the app on demand can trigger. You can also set up an ‘automatic greeting,’ a pre-recorded message, a simulation of someone at home, a dog barking, or a standard doorbell chime.

With the smart socket, you can use the app to set a motion-sensing action for dawn-to-dusk or lights. You can also use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control lights, and access camera feeds if you have a suitable screen device like the Echo Show.

  • Alexa and Google Home support
  • Two-way conversation function
  • Built-in alarm
  • Subscription required

3. Weatherproof Outdoor Camera Bulb

This bulb security camera has a very high-quality video output, so you won’t miss any detail in what you’re viewing. The camera also has a motion detector, alerting you to every little movement around you.

Since this is an outdoor light bulb camera, you would expect it to require regular maintenance, but that’s not true. A very affordable bulb security camera that requires low maintenance and is completely weatherproof. One of the best light bulb cameras out there in 2024.

  • Affordable bulb security camera
  • Doesn’t require too much maintenance
  • Strong alert system
  • Limited features

4. Ring Floodlight Camera

This bulb surveillance recorder is a motion-activated HD security camera that offers siren alerts, two-way conversations, and the facility to see, hear, and talk to visitors from their phones or tablets.

It requires no wiring in a weatherproof electrical box and offers 1080p clarity with infrared night vision and live viewing options. Built-in ultra-bright floodlights and audio privacy protection.

  • Bright floodlight
  • High motion sensitivity
  • Easy installation
  • The alarm may not sound loud enough

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a light bulb security camera?

Light Bulb Security Cameras are innovative devices that combine the functionality of a standard light bulb with the monitoring features of a security camera. The camera is (somewhat) inconspicuously built into the light bulb design, allowing it to monitor its surroundings without paying attention to the fact that a security system is installed.

How do light bulb security cameras work?

Light bulb security cameras integrate a high-resolution camera, usually with a wide-angle lens, into a regular light bulb form factor. These cameras are typically connected to your home’s WiFi network, allowing you to access a live video feed via a smartphone app remotely. Some models include motion detection and night vision for enhanced security and can provide video recordings of motion detection events.

Is it legal to use a light bulb camera?

Yes, Light bulb cameras are legal until you use them in your office, guest house, or home.

Can I control a light bulb security camera from my smartphone?

Light bulb security cameras usually have a dedicated smartphone app that lets you control and access the camera’s functions remotely. Through the app, you can view a live video feed, adjust settings, receive motion notifications, and even communicate with individuals near the camera using two-way audio, depending on the camera model’s specific capabilities.

It is similar to wireless security cameras and video doorbells but usually has fewer features. The bulb camera can connect and work with your smartphone via WiFi or networks like 4G, 3G, and 2G.

Do security cameras work even when the lights are off?

Most security cameras work well even when the lights are off. Most security cameras have infrared LEDs to help capture video even in total darkness.

Are light bulb security cameras compatible with voice assistants?

Some light bulb security cameras are compatible with popular voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This means you can use voice commands to control your lights, such as turning them on or off and viewing camera feeds on compatible smart displays.

How long will the light bulb camera last?

Usually, bulb-type cameras are used for 1 to 3 years, depending on the frequency of use. Some cameras are electrically operated, but you must purchase additional batteries for battery-operated cameras.

Is the bulb camera waterproof?

Most light bulb cameras are waterproof, so they can work properly even when splashed with water, so they are good for security purposes.

Are light bulb security cameras easy to install?

Yes, bulb security cameras are designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. In most cases, you can replace your old light bulb with one with a camera and connect it to your WiFi network by following the manufacturer’s instructions. They typically do not require complicated wiring or technical expertise.

Does your bulb security camera have night vision?

Yes, many light bulb security cameras are equipped with night vision capabilities. The camera uses infrared (IR) technology to capture clear images in low light or total darkness. Night vision greatly improves the camera’s effectiveness, allowing 24-hour monitoring of the premises.

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