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How Do Light Bulb Cameras Work?

A light bulb camera requires a camera in the light bulb circuit to work. This allows you to record videos without turning on the lights.

You can capture short clips and save them to your device’s micro SD card. Easy to control via an internet connection. It then sends the output of what it captures to a device such as a smartphone.

How Do Light Bulb Cameras Work??

The light bulb cameras are usually marked with a standard light bulb. Not only does it light up a place, but it also provides additional safety and protection.

Traditional CCTV can store much larger images and videos using DVRs. And watch the actual activity on the LCD monitor. On the other hand, a light bulb camera is excellent for short real-time footage.

Connect via Wi-Fi for video streaming and monitoring. It includes a motion detection sensor for quick alerts even from remote locations as long as a Wi-Fi signal is detected.

Each light bulb camera series has various designs, shapes, and fixtures. In addition, the device has the same features and functions as other bright light bulb cameras.

How to connect a light bulb camera?

  • Connect the light bulb camera to the existing socket.
  • Wait for the camera to find the access point.
  • Go to phone settings and connect to the access point MV+ number.
  • Install the app on your smartphone (the V380 app on most common light bulbs).
  • Go to V380, select Add Network Device, enter your ID, and add it to the list.
  • Go to App Network Settings, switch to Station Mode, select Wi-Fi, and enter your password.
  • Stay connected.

What does the light bulb camera do?

360-degree panoramic viewing angle, 1920×1080 image resolution. They provide HD-quality photos or videos.

Full HD light camera video function, night vision, and two-way audio communication to hear and speak. It has an intelligent surveillance camera setting that alerts your smartphone in real time whenever it detects someone is coming or the video screen changes.

Easy to connect wirelessly and install. Supports 2.4g Wi-Fi. Record, store, and review footage using a micro SD card. You can play it on your smartphone.

How to use a light bulb camera?

Just take the camera out of the packaging, screw it into one of the light bulb holders, and connect it to your home Wi-Fi system (follow the above contacting steps). Then you can see everything happening around the viola with the camera app. The good news doesn’t stop there. You can also use this camera as a baby monitor or pet monitor.

Do light bulb cameras work when the light is off?

The camera is fully powered within the light bulb socket, so no batteries are required. When the light switch is off, there is enough voltage from the light bulb socket to power the camera.

Does a light bulb camera work like a camera?

Yes, light bulb cameras work in different ways to suit your needs. They are a great addition to protect your home.

How to connect a light bulb camera to your phone?


Some of you may seek a solution to keep your home safe. Lightbulb Camera provides quick and easy 24/7 control and supervision of your family and valuables. It provides visibility and allows you to speak anywhere within range.

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