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How to View Remote Security Camera?

There are three ways to control the security cameras remotely and systems: PC and Mac for free use Reolink Client software, iPhone and iPad for free download mobile application Reolink App or via a web browser. These are free ways to view security cameras remotely at your convenience.

Remotely view security cameras without plug-ins using web browsers. If you already have another camera and do not want to download another camera, you can also use third-party software (e.g. Blue Iris) for free.

However, for a better security camera remote control experience, free Reolink software is recommended. If you want a new CCTV camera, we recommend these best outdoor security cameras without a subscription.

Here is how to view the security camera remotely!

To view your security camera online and on mobile remotely, you only need to do three steps:

1. View Security Cameras Online

The security camera can be viewed remotely online via a PC client or web browser. PC Client Security Camera Remote Control Download the remote control software and log in to see the live view.

That’s it, or you enter the IP address of the remote security camera in the Google address bar and log in to the camera, and the live view will appear.

To keep your video clips safe, you must set a new password the first time you use them.

2. Control your security camera remotely from your phone

To get a security camera remote control on your phone, you must first download an app like the Reolink app. Then launch the remote surveillance app and set the password (first-time use) to see a live view of all remote video cameras available on your LAN.

3. Via the app

Choosing a Reolink remote camera or system requires no configuration other than setting a password to get a security camera remote control and getting professional, step-by-step instructions for configuring Reolink Client and apps and browsers. Above case.

You can also watch the video to set up and view your Camera system remotely.

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