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300ft Long Range Night Vision HD Security Camera

A 300ft night vision long-range hd security camera offers various options for your surveillance needs so. Moreover, these types of cameras come in multiple form factors and can be mounted indoors and outdoors. It can also be used to protect both your home and business day or night.

Here are the best 300ft long-range night vision HD Security cameras

1. Arlo VMS3230C Wireless Home Security Camera System

This is one of the best options to monitor a room away from wired power. WiFi surveillance cameras run on batteries and transmit video wirelessly. So it can be mounted anywhere as long as it is within a 300ft long-range night vision HD security camera.

Arlo cameras offer 720p resolution and deliver sharper pictures for general-purpose surveillance. With excellent night vision and a wide 110-degree viewing angle, you get fewer blind spots and a wider field of view.

The battery-powered long-range wireless security camera features advanced motion detection that can be customized for specific areas. So you can only receive notifications for people, cars and animals in that setting area.

As a wireless security camera, installation is straightforward and quick. It uses a WiFi connection to view or play back pictures from any location remotely.

Arlo offers seven days of free cloud storage for playback that you can enjoy—enough space for general home surveillance. So there is no need to sign up for a renewable plan.

2. Long Range IR Bullet Security Camera

Outdoor bullet camera with 5-50mm manually adjustable lens, intelligent IR up to 300 feet, COC OSD with 3D noise reduction, COC and DWDR.

The VBIR550-2MP is a long-range infrared camera with 2-megapixel (1080p) image quality with night vision up to 300 feet. Features a 1/2.7″ progressive scan CMOS sensor with a manually adjustable 5-50mm lens and 12 high-intensity laser infrared LEDs.

Digital’s wide dynamic range, digital noise reduction, ICR filter, and Smart IR technology deliver sharp black-and-white images in low- or no-light areas and full-colour photos in daylight or moderate lighting.

Various image adjustments are possible via the camera’s built-in on-screen display, digital zoom, slow shutter, mirror image, and defective pixel correction.

The IP66 outdoor-rated housing protects against all weather conditions, making it suitable for any indoor or outdoor application. It comes with a cable management 3-axis bracket for easy installation and a 3-year warranty.

3. TriVision PoE WiFi Surveillance Camera

This is another option you can use to monitor properties throughout the day. It features a superior 2MP lens that captures crystal 1080p FHD video during the day and infrared night vision with up to 300 feet.

WiFi surveillance cameras have many desirable features behind their simple design. One is a built-in microphone that allows you to get a video feed with sound in the background.

Nevertheless, the wireless surveillance system has robust motion sensors that can detect objects on long-range night vision HD security cameras up to 300 feet. Advanced sensors can trigger recordings or push notifications to mobile devices when there is motion in front of the camera lens.

Speaking of recordings, this bullet camera has a built-in microSD card slot to save recordings locally. There is also PoE technology. Therefore, it can be added to an NVR station or standalone by connecting to a PoE injector/switch—purely the best long-range night vision security camera system.

4. Super Long Range Infrared Security Camera

The ultra-long-range CCTV camera features ten ultra-bright infrared LEDs on the camera’s high-resolution 2-megapixel image sensor that provide night vision from up to 300 feet away. Our customers always come back to buy more. This 4 in 1 camera offers excellent video clarity, even in analogue mode, compared to analogue cameras.

The high-definition 2MP sensor captures higher-detail HD video even when down-converted to analogue 960H. This outdoor security camera also has a digital day/night feature that allows the camera to switch to black and white in low-light conditions or when the infrared LED lights up.

It is not recommended for close-range viewing or monitoring. These cameras are made to monitor large properties and alleys and can also be used as license plate capture cameras to capture vehicles travelling less than 25 miles per hour. It’s not a traditional license plate camera that offers shutter speed control.

Its arsenal of digital imaging features also has Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) to help reduce picture noise commonly found in low-light conditions.

The 3-axis bracket allows the camera to be mounted on walls, ceilings, poles or other flat surfaces. The frame also hides the camera pigtail to prevent cables from being cut.

5. P300ZXW 300 feet

This camera is a long-distance performer. Built for rough weather, this 300° night vision camera gets the job done. A 5-50mm manual zoom lens provides easy viewing adjustments. The camera pumps out crisp 1080p video. The camera is designed to be wall mounted.

The P300ZXW camera automatically adjusts for the best possible HD image. The WDR function automatically adjusts for optimal backlighting and exposure, and the DNR function removes digital noise to produce exceptionally high-quality video day and night.

The camera is equipped with an infrared LED. LEDs emit infrared light invisible to the human eye, but cameras can see it. During the day, the camera produces vivid colour video and automatically turns on the IR system when light levels fall below a minimum point. The camera then has very high-quality black-and-white night vision video.

The camera can be powered using either a single camera plug-in or a multi-camera power supply. The power supply is sold separately.

6. Archer 2.0

Archer 2.0 is your best bet at distances of 100 to 300 feet. Archer is part of the Long Range, Low Light, Cryogenic Series. At maximum optical zoom, the Archer’s field of view is 9 degrees.

At distances over 100 feet, you’ll switch back to a 2MP (1080P) sensor. This is because light absorption becomes more important than resolution over long distances. Given an image sensor of the same size, a 4K image sensor will try to absorb eight times the same light source as a 2MP sensor.

A long-range 4k camera will appear dimmer than a 2MP camera because the total amount of light absorbed is the same but divided into 8x more receptors. Also, the 2MP sensor has matured to the point where it can absorb more light than the latest high-resolution sensors.


How far can night image security cameras see?

The farthest distance a night vision camera can observe is about 150 meters (492 feet). The range of a camera’s reach depends, among other things, on the lens aperture, image sensor technology, and size and number of infrared LED bulbs.

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