You are currently viewing Night Owl Security Cameras Reviews 2023

Night Owl Security Cameras Reviews 2023

Night Owl offers security cameras and video surveillance systems that help you monitor inside and outside your home. In this Night Owl security camera review, we will dig deeper into the company’s products to help you find the right gear for your security needs.

Night Owl Security Cameras Reviews 2023

Brand History

Night Owl Home Security is an American company founded in 2009, and the manufacturers are user-friendly and effective and offer affordable video surveillance equipment.

Night Owl an affordable video surveillance review

Night Owl offers customers wired digital video recorder (DVR) and network video recorder (NVR) systems, as well as various wireless systems and cameras. Night Owl is a video surveillance device offering state-of-the-art home or business equipment.

Is Night Owl a good security system brand?

A brand that has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, Night Owl has become one of the options for homeowners and business owners who need a security camera. Like brands like Arlo and Ring, Night Owl produces security camera systems with useful features at affordable prices.

Is Night Owl a good security system brand?

The American company has undoubtedly made a name for itself as a company that can be considered both residential and commercial.

How does the Night Owl security system work?

There is little difference between Night Owl security cameras and regular security cameras from the systems they inhabit. This brand offers the same selection as the most popular and traditional brands in the surveillance market. Night Owl lets you choose between wireless, analog, and IP cameras.

The brand produces many battery-powered options with wireless security cameras that can operate independently of wires. And when it comes to video recorders, there’s a similar selection of products to match cameras and various internal storage options.

How does the Night Owl security system work?

Night Owl security cameras and larger systems can be used with Google Home and other products from the same brand. This integration allows more sophisticated features than most others, allowing a human to interact with the Night Owl security camera system by voice.

Its convenience should not be underestimated, and it provides a way for a person to modernize their abode by allowing them to link their surveillance to other systems connected to Google Home. But, as we’ll see, this feature leaves your design open to more cybersecurity threats than any other branded surveillance.

Types of Night Owl Security Camera Equipment

Night Owl products can be divided into wired, wireless, and discrete video cameras. Each product offers different security features and specifications, giving customers multiple options to meet their video security needs.

Wired security system

Night Owl’s wired security system is divided into DVR and NVR systems. The DVR system is inexpensive, offers dual sensor technology, and is backward compatible with existing CCTV infrastructure. Although cost-effective and adjustable, DVR systems require multiple cables for installation.

NVR systems offer improved image clarity and reduced cable clutter for an easy-to-install design but are less expensive and incompatible with analog, AHD, or TVI cameras.

Each wired security camera system offers multiple security modes, 24/7 recording, and remote viewing via the Night Owl mobile app.

Wireless security system

Night Owl offers its customers a wireless security solution to simplify setup with fewer cables. Customers can choose a complete or expandable wireless kit, giving the option to expand the system as needed. The wireless system uses the free Night Owl software to send recorded video to a mobile app or computer.

Other cameras

Night Owl offers an additional camera that complements your existing Night Owl video system or acts as a standalone intelligent security device.

Special features of Night Owl security camera

Here are a few unique features that a Night Owl security camera offers.

1. Face Recognition

Night Owl’s most wired cameras are equipped with face capture and recognition technology to identify faces up to 10 feet away. Using an internal database in the Night Owl app, each face can be named so the camera can distinguish between familiar faces and strangers.

2. Remote Viewing

Night Owl allows you to save videos and images for later playback, giving you instant access to your footage with the free Night Owl app. Setup takes less than two minutes, and there are no monthly fees.

3. Weather Resistant

Most Night Owl devices are designed for indoor and outdoor use as they are weather resistant and can withstand moisture and debris.

4. Built-in motion-activated spotlights

Some Night Owl cameras include motion-activated floodlights. Bright light helps deter intruders and enables you to navigate your yard at night.

5. Voice Assistant Compatibility

Night Owl integrates Google Assistant with video systems and cameras, allowing you to control the device via voice-activated commands. For example, you can use your Google Home device to get a live camera feed to your Chromecast TV.

6. Real-time dual-sensor alerts

This technology saves storage space on your system by recording only when motion and heat are detected. When detected, the camera will start recording, and you will receive a push notification detailing the notification in the Night Owl app.

7. Two-Way Talk

Many Night Owl devices have a two-way talk feature, so you can talk to guests or check on family members while away from home.

8. L2 Color Boost Technology

Standard night vision technology displays video in black and white. With L2 Color Boost technology, the camera records in full color even in the middle of the night. Cameras with this technology still have standard night vision capabilities but switch to lower-quality footage only when necessary.

Advantages of Night Owl Security cameras

  • They offer both analog, DVR-HD, and NVR-HD security systems.
  • Provide DIY installation and professional installation service
  • No monitoring fees
  • You can view the live feed on your phone using the Night Owl security app for iOS or Android.
  • HD night vision
  • Night Owl Security cameras come with 2TB pre-installed storage
  • Remotely access your video feed from your phone, tablet, or laptop for free.
  • Friendly price
  • It has face recognition and human detection.
  • Google Assistant Ready
  • System guide
  • Two-way talk

Disadvantages of Night Owl Security cameras

  • Relatively new company
  • Not very good software
  • Less control in mobile apps
  • Just 1-year official warranty
  • The Installation process isn’t as easy as it should be

Night Owl Customer Support

If you need help with your product, the Night Owl website provides various resources, including troubleshooting guides. And their YouTube channel is frequently updated with videos about their equipment.

But sometimes there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned phone call. Night Owl’s technical support is available in English, Spanish, and French. And they also have a 24/7 chat line.

This 24/7 support access is a lovely touch and something you rarely see in the industry. Most security companies have online resources, and Night Owl provides enough help to tackle tech woes independently.

Night owl guarantee

The Night Owl’s one-year limited warranty is a bit disappointing. It covers only manufacturing defects and excludes significant components such as spotlight bulbs, LEDs, and batteries.

There are enough brands that offer multi-year warranties, sometimes even lifetime warranties,, so Night Owl could improve here.

Fortunately, stores like Amazon and Walmart offer extended warranties. So it’s a good idea to look into these options.


The Night Owl camera isn’t the best on the market, but it’s good enough for most people who want a multi-camera surveillance system. The installation process isn’t easy, but it’s the same as using a wired camera system.


Are Night Owl cameras weather-resistant?

Most Night Owl cameras are designed for outdoor use with an IP65 rating or higher. This weather resistance rating doesn’t mean the camera is waterproof, but it does protect against wind and dust.

Can you talk through the Night Owl camera?

Yes. Some Night Owl products, such as indoor panoramic cameras, support two-way audio that lets you hear and speak to the other person.

How long will the Night Owl camera last?

The lifespan of Night Owl cameras varies by model and use, but the company offers a one-year warranty against defects in artistry and materials.

Does the Night Owl Camera Need Batteries?

Depending on your specific Night Owl camera, it may require batteries to operate. However, most models can work fine with two batteries, despite having slots for four batteries simultaneously. So in case of an emergency, you will not be left unattended.

Does Night Owl always record?

Fortunately, you can program the Night Owl system to record 24/7, on a specific schedule you choose, or only history when it detects motion. From this point of view, the system is pretty intuitive and versatile, offering plenty of options without being cumbersome.

Can I see the Night Owl camera online?

Some older Night Owl cameras may not have proper online viewing capabilities depending on the make and model. Fortunately, the latest version of this branded security system has full online functionality.

You can easily view the camera in real-time using the proprietary software on your PC/Mac or downloading the app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Does the Night Owl Camera require an internet connection?

No. The camera does not require an internet connection to record, but Wi-Fi is required to view footage remotely via the application.

Does Night Owl require a monthly fee?

No. Night Owl is one of the brand’s strengths because the security camera has no monthly fees besides the initial equipment cost.

Does the Night Owl Camera work with Alexa?

No. The Night Owl camera pairs with Google Assistant for smart home integration, but no other platforms.

Does Night Owl offer a cloud storage option?

Not anymore. Although the brand has discontinued its cloud service for video monitoring, you can still easily monitor the Night Owl camera directly using an NVR or DVR. You can connect the system to your TV and save footage with a micro SD card.

How good is Night Owl Connection?

Unlike other mobile applications, Night Owl Connect still requires a lot of work before it can launch. Customers report bugs, crashes, and persistent issues when viewing their security camera systems remotely using the application.

Another consistently reported example is that applications do not work well in areas with poor connectivity. Not to mention reports that you must re-download apps regularly or reset your phone to use the features.

Does Night Owl Camera work with other systems?

For digital security camera systems, it is generally not recommended to mix different brands of security cameras. Although Night Owl is advertised as working with other security camera systems, there is no guarantee that mixed hardware systems will work and should not be considered unless necessary.

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